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- A.H Guildford
Server Integration
I'm new to Servers, what is a server and what can it do for my business ?
A server is a specialised computer that stores and manages information and acts as a hub to connect other computers and devices or clients. With a server, you can share files and resources, such as printers, in a secure manner. A server can also provide automated daily backups and rock solid storage of all your important files, as well as e-mail services and Internet access. For example, with a client/server network, multiple employees can access files, the Internet and company email at the same time, or share the same printer and other office equipment. A server can be remotely accessed from home and used as if you were in the office, with the added benefit of knowing that all your information is securely located in one place.

imageDigital Design Ltd have successfully installed over 90 servers for companies and clients ranging from 2 users to 500 users for all types of requirements. These can be:
  • Exchange E-mail
  • SQL / Oracle Databases
  • File and Storage Services
  • Virtualisation
  • Active Directory
  • Web Application Platform
  • Firewalls
  • Terminal Services
  • Application Server
  • IP Telephony (VOIP)
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